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Composition of Coffee
As the most important in the composition of the coffee has alkaloid caffeine.

Caffeine slightly stimulating effect by extending the vessels is known.Kalbi kuvvetlendirir, sindirimi kolaylaştırır, böbrek damarlarını genişleterek idrarı çoğaltır, solunumu hızlandırır. Quickly sending blood to the brain, increases activity.Used against poisoning by narcotics. Increases the amount levied over a stimulating effect on the heart palpitations, ear causes of Transverse uguld.Can result in death if too much is taken. 

In the composition of roasted coffee, caffeine 0.8 to 1.8%, 9% protein, 30.3% carbohydrates, 13% lipids, essential oils 0.4%, and 4.2% non-volatile acids, 1.6% alkaloids,% 4 ash, 2.5% water, 35% phenolic compounds and chemicals that are unique color of coffee
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